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Pokot tribe     wood bowl used by the Pokot people of northern Kenya. The bowls are carved by the women using traditional tools and an indigenous tree.  The bowl was used to  receive cow's blood that is obtained by piercing the jugular vein, and then afterward plugging the hole to stop the bleeding.  The cow's blood is mixed with the cow's milk and then consumed for nourishment. Sometimes when eating the meat of the cow, it is first dipped into this mixture.  Circa 1940s.
4 1/2" h, 21" x 8"
# ek86-23

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We will not list all so called "defects", so if this matters to you, please ask about specific pieces before making a purchase. These pieces have been well used and therefore may have cracks or other damage that has sometimes been repaired and sometimes not. The repairs were made in the bush with whatever was handy, such as strips of aluminum, leather, wire or even colored plastic, adding more interest to the piece. In our "throw-away society" we might find it hard to understand why these people would take so much time and care repairing an object. Unlike us, they didn't have the option of buying a replacement.  It took a long time to create this item from scratch, so repairs often take less time than making a new one. We can all learn something from this.

  Thank you.